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Tomb Raider Titles Ranked Worst to Best

Tomb Raider is one of best selling video games of all time. Managing to stay alive for over 20 years the franchise has seen some …

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e3 2018 - Dates and Schedules of All E3 Conferences

Dates and Schedules of All E3 Conferences | E3 2018

With less than a month until E3 2018, The Game Fanatics want to make sure you know the dates and schedules of each E3 conference.

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Square Enix is Working on a New NieR Title

Square Enix’s producer Yosuke Saito has teased about a future NieR’s title, which seems to be already in early stages of development.

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Lost Sphear Preview: Reliving Memories

Tokyo RPG Factory is aiding in keeping the old-school, timeless tradition of JRPGs alive, and Lost Sphear is another step in that direction.

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Square Enix Announced Star Ocean: The Last Hope Remaster

Square Enix unveiled the first footage of a remastered version of Star Ocean The Last Hope

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Watch: Noctis Unveiled For Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Final Fantasy XV’s protagonist, Noctis, joins the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT roster

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Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy IX is Available for PlayStation 4

Square Enix has decided to relaunch the 32 bits classic for PlayStation 4. And guess what, it’s already available on the PlayStation Store.

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Life is Strange: Before The Storm Episode 1 Review | Welcome Back

Life is Strange: Before The Storm returns to Arcadia Bay and spends more time with the angst of Chloe, and pulls it off.

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Square Enix Teams Up With The JED Foundation

Square Enix and JED Foundation launched the “Your Friend, Me” campaign ahead of the National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

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Kingdom Hearts 3 Toy Story

Watch: Kingdom Hearts 3 D23 2017 Trailer

Kingdom Hearts 3 is Coming 2018

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Hitman Free IO Interactive

Newly Independent IO Interactive Makes Hitman’s First Section Free

After announcing their split with Square Enix, IO Interactive is releasing the first section of Hitman’s first season for free.

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Shadow Of The Tomb Raider

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Confirmed… Again

A set of leaked marketing materials further confirms that Lara’s next adventure goes by the name of Shadow Of The Tomb Raider.

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Before the Storm

Life is Strange: Before the Storm Reveals New Details

In a recent interview Life is Strange: Before the Storm’s lead writer goes about some extra details of what to expect with the prequel.

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