Final Fantasy IX is Available for PlayStation 4

Final Fantasy IX

The Tokyo Game Show 2017 has started already with plenty of good news for everyone. One of them relates to the very iconic Final Fantasy IX, considered by many as the best one in the series. Square Enix has decided to bring the universe to PlayStation 4 thanks to a much-unexpected port.

The Digital Edition brings the original game plus an original custom theme that features some of Final Fantasy IX‘s emblematic characters. Since the game was ported to PC last year, the current-gen will likely be the same version. Which means that you will find the following nifty additions: achievements, new game boosters, no encounter modes and autosave.

Already Available!

Final Fantasy IX is already available to PlayStation 4 users on the PlayStation Store both in Europe and North America. If you snap it up in the following days, it goes with a price tag of $16.79. After September 26th, it will rise to $20.99. All of this is surely happening way too fast… But for that price, you may as well follow the flow.

Are you going to fall into temptation and embark on a nostalgic journey with your last-gen console? What’s your favorite Final Fantasy game and why? Let the discussion begin in the comment section down below!

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