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Full Circle Podcast: Heavy Pokemon Update!

Welcome back! This week we’re discussing POKEMON POKEMON POKEMON! We got a new Pokemon Direct and have to break that down. Then we have some VERY accurate leaks so we delve into that. Finally, since …

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E3 2019 – Nintendo Direct All Trailers, Announcements, and Reveals

From Animal Crossing to Banjo-Kazooie, here are all the trailers, details, and reveals from Nintendo’s E3 2019 Direct.

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E3 2019 – Square Enix 2019 Press Conference All Trailers and Reveals

Coming off of 2018’s Square Enix conference that revealed such stellar titles like The Quiet Man, and an awfully audio mixed Kingdom Hearts III trailer, expectations were pretty low this year. For fans of JRPG’s, …

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E3 2019 – Ubisoft 2019 Press Conference All Trailers and Reveals

Celebrating their 10 years at E3 Ubisoft, they made a statement by showing off some new titles and proving their long-term support for their current multiplayer games such as The Division 2, For Honor and …

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E3 2019 – Final Fantasy VII Remake Comes March 2020

Final Fantasy VII was originally released back in 1997 on PlayStation by Square. Fast forward to June 2019, Square Enix finally announces a release date for the long awaited remake, and it’s coming to PlayStation …

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We strive to bring you top video game reviews, in a timely manner. We don’t review every game, but the ones we do, we do so with a fanatical passion.

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Judgment Review

Rage 2 Review

Devil May Cry 5 Review

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Full Circle Podcast Episode 53: Geek Jargon, Grumpy Cat, & Detective Pikachu

We mourn the loss of Tardar Sauce the internet’s favorite Grumpy Cat

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What We’ve Been Watching: The Wandering Earth

The Wandering Earth is a Chinese sci-fi disaster movie in the same vein as Independence Day, and it is a delight.

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The Iron Throne – Goodbye Game of Thrones S08 E06 Recap

As stories head towards their conclusion, amid the heightened pace and plot twists, it’s important to consider the overall messages the authors are conveying to their audience. The central themes that are relayed through different …

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The Bells – Game of Thrones S08 E05 Recap

Funny enough, I actually liked this episode. Once again, as has been the pattern throughout this season of Game of Thrones, there was a divide on the internet caused by the differing receptions to it …

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Full Circle Podcast Episode 51: Sonic Movie, Adobe Price Hike, and Epic Games Store

This week we MUST address the chaos of the Sonic the Movie Trailer.

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The Last of the Starks – Game of Thrones S08 E04 Recap

A review of the fourth episode of Game of Thrones’s last season.

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The Long Night – An Ode to Arya Stark – Game of Thrones S08 E03 Recap

“The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.” — 1 Corinthians 15:26 Game of Thrones has always dabbled in doom and gloom (yes this is a shot at how hard it was to see what was going …

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A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

Though he’s been gone for years, Ned Stark’s reputation and the effect of his choices can still be felt in the waning moments of this story. Through the seasons, the show’s characters and fans have …

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BlackKrystel - Party Up

Watch the “Party Up” Music Video – BlackKrystel’s Newest Single!

Our very own BlackKrystel just dropped her debut single, Party Up! Watch the music video here.

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Lizzo’s Got the Juice, Chance’s Groceries, and a Pokémon Song – Music Monday 5/20/19

It’s our first Music Monday in a while, and we’re coming in hot with tracks from Chance, Kygo, Goldlink, and more!

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Music To Pair With Your Favorite Games | Soundcheck

Here’s an Soundcheck list of music that pairs perfectly with some of your favorite video games, perhaps in ways you wouldn’t expect!

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Gorillaz Humanz Cover

Music Mondays: Gorillaz Keep it Funky with “Humanz”

Humanz features the band at their best with funky grooves and hip-hip beats seamlessly blended together.

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5 Indie Soundtracks You Must Experience | Fanatical Five

When the soundtrack is good, the game is even better! Discover 5 albums featuring some of the unique tunes that left a mark on recent indie games.

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Ariana Grande to Be in Final Fantasy Brave Exivus

Ariana Grande, whose third album Dangerous Woman got a Grammy nomination last year, will be a character in Final Fantasy Brave Exivus.

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Expand Your Horizons With The LET IT DIE Soundtrack: An Interview With The Composer

Akira Yamaoka is a master of horror composition. His legacy was forged with his work on the Silent Hill series, mastering sound design and atmosphere to make the already terrifying world feel that much more …

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Music Monday

Music Monday: Anime Openings to Groove With

Let’s round off some of the best anime opening themes on this week’s Music Monday. No showy animations just good old fashioned anime-beats!

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Judgment Review

Editors Note: This review was made possible thanks to an advanced copy of the game provided by the publisher. When I reviewed Yakuza 6 last

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