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Thank you for your interest in being a part of The Game Fanatics family! We are a group of gamers with a passion for creating entertaining and informative content – together we cover all things geek culture.

For over 7 years, we at The Game Fanatics have striven to provide the best quality of media to our readers –  we are an indie media outlet, that prides ourselves on excellent and top-notch reporting. We eat, sleep, and breathe games and maybe you do too.

You can find out more about us here.

Our site covers the whole spectrum of gaming, tech, and geek culture, so if you have a passion for all this madness, and are expressive with words and pictures (especially of the cute furry kitten variety), then here’s your chance to join us as we do our best to leave a mark on the gaming industry.

Why you want to be a Fanatic:

  • As a Game Fanatic you are joining a budding but established, business-registered news outlet. The possibilities are endless. We know we’re not the big dogs so you’ll find more freedom in writing for us; which is good…right?! 
  • Gain experience under a respected name. Every year we go to industry events and rub elbows with the movers and shakers in the tech and gaming world. You name ‘em, we’ve met ‘em, and it’s humbling to hear them praise our site. Being a part of The Game Fanatics means that you’ll have tangible experience that you can put on a resume while growing your personal career in the industry as we grow as well.
  • Free games and gadgets! It’s the motherload! You do get to keep the games and items you review.
  • Press credentials to industry events. The Game Fanatics qualifies for press access to all industry events, and when we’re in…you’re in.
  • Awesome environment! Seriously…what environment is better than the comfort of your own home? We do not have an office of sorts, everyone writes remotely and convenes via Slack. Technology ftw. Pants suck.
  • Other things we can’t tell you ;). 

What we look for in Fanatics:

  • Love video games and be knowledgeable of the industryDuh.
  • Be able to work effectively as part of a team. We can’t stress how important daily communication and activity is. We are a team: we talk every day, game every day, and if that doesn’t appeal to you then please don’t bother applying.
  • Be able to contribute at least 5 times per week. If you can’t find the time each week to write up something, then the readers will never get to know you and everybody will be sad.
  • Have some sample writingWe love writers who already have work for us to read. If you have a personal blog this is even better.
  • Send us samples of articles on par with those you would expect to contribute to the site. When you send in your email saying how great you are, include at least two samples of your work; one being a news piece, one being a longer opinion piece. This lets us see how well your style gels with ours.
  • Have a personality, but don’t be annoying. It’s a fine balance.

We’re looking for anyone who wants to get started in the field of gaming journalism and gain some experience for a possible professional career, or simply a passionate gamer who enjoys writing and hopes their work will get more widespread.

The Game Fanatics is a family, and we’re only as good as the sum of our members.

If you are interested please use the form below to contact us,


Application to join The Game Fanatics

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