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10 years (and some change) ago I uploaded a blog post to the internet that would change my life forever. The actual post itself was pretty shitty, but I had big dreams man – and the gall to think my competition were the likes of IGN and Gamestop (as opposed to Gamespot, right?). Back then, my dreams were much larger than life – I had visions of papers flying across a bustling newsroom as the chatter of stories being worked on filled the air.

Today, I’m proud to say that the effort that’s been poured into our brand and the quality we’ve consistently pushed for over the past decade has laid the foundation for what we’re building. We’re not just a group of bloggers, or journalists, or even just content creators.

We’re a family. Together, we’re The Game Fanatics. Nerd culture + a lil seasoning. 

Looking forward to meeting you,

Charles Adiukwu, Jr.

At The Game Fanatics, it is our mission to celebrate games, and the awesome people who make them. In true nerd fashion, we are fanatic about more than just video games. From tech and gadgets, Anime to Netflix originals, comic books and manga, TV shows, music, and more  – our articles, streams, podcasts, videos, and stories allow us to share our passion for all things geek culture!

The Game Fanatics is a Top 100 Gaming Blog!

The Game Fanatics is proud to have been named a top 100 gaming blog in 2015!

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