About The Game Fanatics

At The Game Fanatics, it is our mission to celebrate games, and the awesome people who make them.


We do so by striving to produce great quality content – from our podcast and discussion about video games, to our interviews, weekly YouTube videos, features and editorials, and more.



Who are The Game Fanatics?

You love video games, right? So do we! And sure, you may no longer have the time to play every single AAA heavy hitter that drops, and browsing through your Steam library of un-played games is like sifting through a steamy pile of shame – but your passion and love for video games has never wavered.

The Game Fanatics are a diverse group of content creators, producing high quality, independent video game content for gamers with busy lives. We started making content in college when we had all the time in the world! And as we grew up, got real jobs, married, and had kids, our priorities shifted and so did the way we cover video games.

We showcase the games, products, films, and general geek culture that we love and obsess over, in an authentic and casual way. Through our blog, YouTube shows, and social media channels we connect with our fans with the goal of providing entertainment and value.

We are building a strong gaming community with the greatest people and the most awesome team.  Hope that you’ll join us for the ride!

What do we do?

Aside from being a recognized independent media outlet and all the rainbows and unicorns that come with that designation, we also put together kickass events! In fact, the very first event we threw (PS Vita launch party) in 2012 was sold out within days. We also provide full coverage of industry events and trade shows, and we’ve been told that our podcasts are very interesting.

On our YouTube channel, we celebrate video games and the awesome people who make them. You’ll find video game reviews, interviews with developers, thoughts and opinions we like to call Fanatical Takes, quick gaming lists we call Fanatical Five’s, and just about everything geek culture.

If you’re a game fanatic like us, consider supporting the work we do by subscribing and joining us for weekly discussions on video games!

The Game Fanatics is a Top 100 Gaming Blog!

The Game Fanatics is proud to have been named a top 100 gaming blog in 2015!

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