Johnnie McIntyre

Johnnie is an RPG, Smash Bros, Bullet Hell, Shmup playing veteran who is way too addicted to Magic the Gathering. If he's not gaming you can find him falling asleep while attempting to watch Netflix.

Fast Striker Review

Fast Striker is a Shoot’em Up (Shmup!) that joins many other retro classics as they get a second life on current-gen consoles.   But while other titles …

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Xbox press conference

Microsoft Xbox Conference Analysis | E3 2018

With E3 weekend behind us and the conferences out of the way, we are getting a good look at the gaming landscape heading into the …

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Bethesda Conference Analysis | E3 2018

Bethesda had one of the more…unique… E3 conferences back in 2017.  Very few announcements hit home for fans and there was no word on some …

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Favorite Games with Consequences

  Life is full of choices and the consequences of those choices.  Choices that range from what to eat for breakfast, to life-altering choices like …

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e3 2018 - Dates and Schedules of All E3 Conferences

Dates and Schedules of All E3 Conferences | E3 2018

With less than a month until E3 2018, The Game Fanatics want to make sure you know the dates and schedules of each E3 conference.

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Detroit: Become Human First Impressions

A first impression look at Detroit: Become Human and its newly released Demo on PlayStation 4. You find clues and talk down crazy robots.

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Free Games with Gold, PS Plus & Twitch Prime

It’s May, which means a new round of free games from your favorite gaming services. From PlayStation Network to Xbox Live to Twitch Prime.

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Things to Know Before Playing God of War

With the new God of War now out, we have decided to give a brief look at both Norse and Greek Mythology. Showing their differences.

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A Way Out Review | A Way Into My Heart

A Way Out is fresh take on cooperative gameplay that will give players a great experience but not much of a challenge.

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Smash Bros. Switch Biggest Questions

We are getting a brand new Smash Bros game. Which means Johnnie is gonna speculate about what Smash Bros Switch will include.

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