Square Enix Announced Star Ocean: The Last Hope Remaster

Another day, another remaster! Square Enix has announced a remastered version of Star Ocean: The Last Hope. Along with the announcement, the house that built Final Fantasy also released a new teaser trailer showcasing the game’s new visuals. Square Enix dubs it as a “4K & Full HD Remaster”. Considering the game is already playable, my guess is we shouldn’t wait too long before the game is out. As of now, the game has been announced for Japan, but seeing as the original released overseas, it’s just a matter of time before we get a North American release date.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope first released on Xbox 360 way back in February 2009 followed by a spiffed up edition dubbed International version in February 2010.

The PS4 version will offer full HD for PS4 and 4K support for PS4 Pro along with trophy and Share functionality support.

On the other hand, the PC version, which also marks the franchise’s debut on PC, will support keyboard/mouse combo and joystick. Much like the PS4 version, there will be a share function where players will be able to take screenshots without the user interface (UI).

Expect Square Enix to reveal additional details as we get closer to the game’s release.

Thanks to Siliconera.

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