The Game Fanatics is run by a very dedicated crew of avid gamers who are down right awesome! Everyone here at TGF works hard to ensure that we provide you with the video game news and reviews you need and the entertainment we all crave. Feel free to drop them emails, follow them on Twitter, or stalk them on Facebook; if you can find them 😉


Ben Runnings

Content Creator

Ben can be heard on our podcasts, and seen on our streams and YouTube vids! He is also a secret member of the PC gaming master race.

I'm Playing: JRPG's & anything Dark Soulsy.


Gabie Jackman

Brand Manager & Content Creator

BK holds it down for us with her passion for Anime, cosplay, and fighting games.

I'm Playing: Kingdom Hearts 3! 😭


Bridget Adiukwu

Head of PR

Bridget oversees Partner Relations for TGF - she's also, and we can't stress this last part enough, wifey.

I'm Playing: Something on my phone.

Charles Powers

Charles Adiukwu, Jr.

Head of Content

Our fearless founder, Editor-in-Chief, and Dad. Love ya, Chuck!

I'm Playing: Too much Overwatch.


Carlos Ovalle


If he's not writing about video games or playing them, Carlos is likely drinking an ice cold beer.

I'm Playing: One of the many PlayStation exclusives. 😏

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Joel Ramirez

Head of Streaming

Joel's one of our main content creators, who also manages our Twitch! F

Something you can watch me stream!


Josh Beard

Content Creator

Our resident sportsball fanatic, Josh can be heard on our podcasts and seen on our streams!

I'm Playing: Too much Apex Legends.

Jade Valkyrie

Deja Kirk

Social & Content Creator

Deja manages our social media, and can be found on our streams! Bonus: Her cosplay work is legit.

I'm Playing: Overwatch. 😬

King Julian

Julian Harris

Managing Editor & Content Creator

Julian is our go-to for anything related to sneakers and Xbox news. He also helps make sure things run smoothly around here.

I'm Playing: On the SNKRS app.


Logan Myer


Logan edits our things, and can be heard on our podcast!

I'm Playing: Something, something, Zelda.


Jared Fradette

Content Creator

Well, first of all Jared is a real life scientist. Second of all he's part of the duo that makes up our awesome Full Circle Podcast!

I'm Playing: Something on my Switch.


Kika Anazia

Content Creator

Grab a mug - not a cheap Target one, but one of those Moscow Mule joints. Fill it with Hip Hop, comics, pop culture, and sports. That's Kika.

I'm Playing: Nothing atm.


O'Dell Harmon, Jr.

Content Creator

Co-host of the Full Circle Podcast, Dell can be found playing Smash.

I'm Playing: Smash.


Rochellie Fagan

Social & Content Creator

Rochellie's our resident fitness fanatic, and all-around Nintendo lover.

I'm Playing: Apex Legends.

Slam Zany

Trevor Paul


Trevor's passion for gaming has been around since birth - he's our go-to for anything Zelda related.

I'm Playing: Anything Zelda



Content Creator

Rachel loves to over analyze everything she consumes in this geeky world.

I'm Playing: Bioshock & Bioshock Infinite


Brandon Cash

Community Manager

Brandon Cash is our go-to for Anime, RPGs, and the NBA 2K League. You’re likely to catch him shamelessly watching Hunter X Hunter for the umpteenth time!

I'm Playing: Nioh 2 & NBA 2K



Content Creator

Retro FPS games, racing sims, and RPGs. These disparate genres form Aidan's core video game interests. He's great at blasting monsters and crashing into walls at high speed!

I'm Playing: Remnant: FTA

Darth Rahu

Tyler Chancey


Tyler Chancey is a robot in human skin passionate about video games as an artform. He is also addicted to trash anime and polyhedral dice.

I'm Playing: Celeste.

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