Life is Strange: Before the Storm Reveals New Details

Before the Storm

Some weeks ago we covered the last batch of Life is Strange rumors, which were pinpointing to the existence of a prequel on top of the sequel Dontnod Entertainment is already doing. During E3 2017 we saw those rumors turned into facts as Square Enix and Deck Nine granted us that much needed Before the Storm announcement. They did so with the release of a reveal trailer.

From early skepticism to open optimism, this game has certainly caught the attention to many these last days and ignited the hype train. The best part of it is that we do not have to wait that long to try it out. The first episode is releasing on August 31 already.

In a recent interview with EuroGamer lead writer Zak Garriss has delved a bit more into the genesis of the title. Make no mistakes, Before the Storm’s ownership falls completely on Deck Nine shoulders, from high-level conception to game production. It certainly follows the blazing trail of its ancestor and there has been some meetings with Dontnod. However, we’re here in front of a standalone experience, liberating as far as creative licenses go. “We’re in Arcadia Bay, we want to live in that space,” says Garriss. “But there are also elements that are opportunities to change.”

Before the Storm

Getting Personal in Before the Storm

Life is Strange: Before the Storm follows the steps traced by fan-favorite Chloe prior to her involvement with time traveler (and first game’s protagonist) Max. In this installment, Chloe is 16, closer in time to her father’s death, and deeply stranded in abandonment. Brewing, if you may, her rebellious personality. Rachel Amber, the elusive character of the original Life is Strange is making a quite pivotal appearance here. And so we’ll get to explore the beginning of their intricate relationship, that mysterious tale we are always trying to piece together.

“We see a chance to explore the really unique ways in which the two girls can be something unique to each other,” says Garriss. “That can really, we hope, speak to human connections – what it’s like to have that one person show up at a particular moment in your life when you need them. It can be everything.” So far as the story goes, we’ll also see Chloe’s life as a sophomore at Blackwell Academy – so look out for some recurring characters! Last but not least, they have also confirmed the presence of a future DLC where players will come back to play Max. Further details about this have not been disclosed, however.

There may not be any more time travelling but far from being a downer, Garriss considers this unconstraining. “Choosing not to lean on a power to create what’s compelling about the game but really doubling down on this idea of an intimate story about young people finding their way? That’s enough. That’s powerful,” she concludes.

If you had the chance of trying Life is Strange, are you looking forward to Life is Strange: Before the Storm? What do you expect from this prequel? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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