F1 Champion

First F1 eSports Champion Takes His Crown

Brandon Leigh is the first professional F1 champion.

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The Last Of Us: Remastered Endure and Survive As The UKs Number One

The Last Of Us: Remastered managed to retain its number one spot in the UK

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Watch Dogs Remains The Top Dog With Its Fifth Straight Week as #1 in the UK

Watch Dogs holds its position as the UKs best selling game for the 5th week in a row. The temperatures in the UK have been …

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Far Cry 3 Insane Edition Announced for the UK

Vaas Montenegro; the man who has single-handedly reimagine the word insanity, is now offering us an insane edition of Far Cry 3. 

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What's going on, at London Comic Con?

London Comic Con is just under a month away and it looks like it’ll be host to a plethora of pop-culture entertainment. Geeks and geekettes …

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Xbox Banter Cast 37 – Dan Produces the Hardest Quiz Known to Man

This week the Banter cast rounds of it’s quiz set with a dan-tacular special. As it turns out Daniel is the worlds cruelest quiz host, …

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Netflix Bursts Onto Uk Consoles

Microsoft’s new ‘Metro’ Dashboard for the 360 brought with it the promise of unbridled media access in the form of an impressive line-up of media …

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Urinal Gaming Hits the UK

A UK company has set up these gaming units, as seen in the picture, at a bar in South London. They have two games so far, …

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T-Mobile UK Launches Vivacity Smartphone

When people see phones like the DROID 4 or the Galaxy Nexus they want it instantly, but the reality is a lot of us can’t …

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Nokia Lumia 800 Set For November 16th Release Date In UK

Nokia has announced today that their first windows phone, the Lumia 800 will be launching in the UK on November 16th, which coincidentally is the day before Samsung …

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Netflix Coming to the UK, Hurrah!

Officially announced today was streaming giants Netflix’s intentions to bring their stellar service to the Uk and Ireland by early 2012, offering unlimited TV shows and movies …

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Remains Top of the Hots

Deus Ex: Human Revolution, from Square Enix, has remained held onto its place as the best seller on the UK games charts last week.

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Sony See's PS3 Console Strengthen After PSN Attack

With much of Sony’s storm over the PSN attack now passing it behind, the conglomerate console maker has been seeing much brighter days. Following the …

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