Urinal Gaming Hits the UK

A UK company has set up these gaming units, as seen in the picture, at a bar in South London. They have two games so far, one where you ski into penguins and a quiz game. Both are controlled with your urine (pee your way to the top of the high score board?!). Aim left and you move left. Aim right and you move right. You get the idea.

Now this whole set up is unnecessary but at least they didn’t put up screens just to have ads playing. Also, something like this would never work in the US; the whole set up would probably be broken in a week. At the very least it would be dripping with urine. They claim the screen is behind ‘toughened glass’ but that just means it will take two weeks to break. The Wal-Mart job applicant kiosks come to mind here but maybe I’m being too harsh on it.

The games run based on infrared sensors on the screen unit itself, meaning that it could be installed above any urinal.

The company is also planning a similar bathroom game unit for women’s restrooms that would be placed by the hand dryers to give them something to do while waiting in line. The games would obviously not play the same (go ask your parents for more info on that).

Go here and watch the video to learn more about urine gaming.

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