Sony See's PS3 Console Strengthen After PSN Attack

With much of Sony’s storm over the PSN attack now passing it behind, the conglomerate console maker has been seeing much brighter days.

Following the company’s decision to give the PS3 console a price cut, sales have soared for the brand. UK and Australia have both reported very strong numbers for sale for the home based model.

IG has a report from which Micheal Pachter believes Sony’s move could lead to better sales this holiday season against its other competitors. Going as far as saying the console could ‘outsell’ its main competition.

But the most telling news is that the PSN services has grown another 3 million users since the attack. A far cry from what many suspected could be the end of the service, this is an indication that Sony’s strategy is working at the moment, with a decent line up of games releasing in the coming months exclusive to the PS3, this will be a year to remember in gaming.

For more on PSN’s growth, click here. (Thanks Cnet)

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