Netflix Bursts Onto Uk Consoles

Microsoft’s new ‘Metro’ Dashboard for the 360 brought with it the promise of unbridled media access in the form of an impressive line-up of media apps. Shortly before the launch late last year they announced an impressively large list of media partners that would be bringing content to the console. Today saw the surprisingly under-advertised launch of Netflix, one of the largest media streaming services around.

We knew that Netflix was finally making the leap across the pond but their was never a firm date attached. Many users will have woken up today and been surprised by it’s arrival considering the total lack of advertising or information. Regardless, from today Xbox, PS3 and Wii users will be able to browse Netflix’s gigantic media library and stream it straight to their console or PC.

The service comes with a free 1-month trial if you sign up over at and will subsequently cost £5.99 a month afterwards. This is a small price to pay for the huge amount of content this service provides and will likely find some strong commercial success with it’s new audience.

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