Deus Ex: Human Revolution Remains Top of the Hots

Deus Ex: Human Revolution, from Square Enix, has remained held onto its place as the best seller on the UK games charts last week.

Holding off the new comer of Driver: San Francisco which finished second ahead of 505s’ Zumba in third, Deus Ex also came out on top in the UK individual format charts for its sales on the Xbox 360.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is the third in the series, a prequel to the original game, and has received high levels of praise since its release. Along with its new “regeneration of health” system, there is also the new “tactical vision Augmentation” which has seen the gameplay much improved from the last two installments.

Despite seeing a significant drop in sales, an expected 46% drop, Dues Ex: Human Revolution remains top of the charts in the UK beating new titles such as Driver and Madden NFL 12, whether by word of mouth or by simply attractive trailers, the game continues to be wanted by more and more players and that I for one will be helping the sales by telling my fellow gaming friends about this stand-out game.

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