Netflix Coming to the UK, Hurrah!

Officially announced today was streaming giants Netflix’s intentions to bring their stellar service to the Uk and Ireland by early 2012, offering unlimited TV shows and movies streaming instantly over the internet.

At it’s launch, UK and Ireland based members will be able to stream Netflix content through any consumer product that’s compatible. These include Netflix compliant TV’s, PC’s, Mac’s, Mobile tablets and phones. Specific details about pricing and a list of all compatible devices will be announced closer to the launch. This comes as an interesting announcement for the UK as there is already a subscription based streaming service, in the form of LoveFilm, who have a partnership with PS3’s. Whether or not Netflix will be able to topple the UK media giant will be an interesting once to watch.

If you’re in the UK or Ireland and want to become a member as soon as possible, head over to and sign up to receive an email alarm the moment that Netflix becomes available in your country!

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