PlayStation Experience 2017: Everything You Need to Know

PlayStation Experience

The Californian city of Anaheim hosted a new PlayStation Experience edition this past weekend. If you were expecting to see great revelations, maybe it’s better to get off the hype train right now. This year, Sony opted to give development studios the chance to showcase different aspects of their creations. As a result, this PlayStation Experience lacked the surprise factor and we just went over the things we already discovered in The Game Awards.

If you missed this PlayStation Experience conference however, don’t you worry. Here in The Game Fanatics, we have you covered with all the major announcements and trailers. Let’s check them out!

Firewall: Zero Hour

Sony’s first beat in their conference showed their ongoing compromise with VR. Firewall: Zero Hour is a new tactic shooter where cooperation is key. Players take the role of special forces groups fighting against each other in closed-quarter spaces. Its realistic tones and weapon setup definitely follow the steps of Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six: Siege. 

Firewall: Zero Hour will arrive next year for PlayStation VR. It’s overall an interesting title to track if you are into down-to-Earth shooters and VR technology.

The Last Guardian VR Edition

Without leaving the VR front, Sony announced the arrival of The Last Guardian in its VR edition. This short announcement was accompanied by a demo in which we see how the VR setup enhances the experience of being next to Trico, our big winged companion. This new version will arrive in stores on December 12, so it’s literally around the corner. An early Christmas present for all Fumito Ueda’s fans.

Wipeout Omega Collection VR

After landing in the PlayStation 4 catalog on June 7, Wipeout Omega Collection is also going compatible with PlayStation VR. It will be a free update that will arrive during the first months of 2018. If you are into VR and hectic, futuristic driving, then you better keep this one on your radar as well.

God of War

Kratos made his appearance with the same gameplay video we saw during the recent Paris Games Week. In this occasion, creative director Cory Balrog was there to drop a couple of interesting development announcements. While the release date is still unknown, Cory Balrog reassured that the waiting time will really pay off. Apparently, God of War will offer up to 30 hours in its single-player campaign, which is great. The more we can get from Kratos and his son, the better.


Dreams is the next title from Media Molecule, creators of the Little Big Planet trilogy. We’ve been wondering about the fate of this game for a while now. PlayStation Experience welcomed some figures of its development cycle, who confirmed the arrival of a demo in the near future. The official release is aiming to the end of 2018, so we’ll still need to wait a little bit more…

Detroit: Become Human

Quantic Dream took the Sony stage with Detroit: Become Human – and they did it so with an original touch. After a brief speech by studio’s executive producer Guillaume de Fondaumière, the team launched a gameplay video where the decisions were taken live by the audience (or by their screams of joy/despair…). The scenes we saw preceded the E3 2016 trailer, where an Android named Connor has to resolve a hostage situation at the brink of disaster.

Detroit: Become Human is arriving to PlayStation 4 in spring 2018.

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle

The upcoming 2D fighting game from Arc System Works, BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, showcased the cross of universes that will happen deep within its battle system. This latest gameplay trailer also confirmed the arrival of Ruby Rose, the iconic character from RWBY.

Soul Calibur VI

Bandai Namco announced the highly-expected Soul Calibur VI during The Game Awards. The PlayStation Experience event served the studio to showcase more of its gameplay. In this occasion, we witnessed the intense combat between two of its most recognized characters, Mitsurugi and Sophitia.

Monster Hunter World

It’s time to go out hunting with Capcom’s Monster Hunter World. Their brand new gameplay trailer reminded us why this is one of the big names for 2018. There’s plenty in Monster Hunter World to keep us hooked: immersive environments, crazy beasts to defeat and a Mega Man costume to top it all.

Death Stranding

Ok, Death Stranding had its moment of glory during The Game Awards, with a new cinematic trailer that left us navigating between wonder and perplexity.

What followed in the PlayStation Experience was a direct interview with Kojima while he was holding a robotic prosthesis on his shoulder. It was the perfect occasion for the Japanese creator to speak about his fruitful relationship with Sony. He also confirmed that what we saw in their recent trailer worked on a PlayStation 4 Pro thanks to Guerrilla Games’ own engine, Decima. It would have been awesome to finally see some gameplay but let’s be honest – Kojima is well taking his time here.


Sony decided to finish their conference with the last surprise: the return of Sir Daniel Fortesque. It turns out the original hit MediEvil is coming back to PlayStation 4 as a remaster in 4K. When? Well, this is the first teaser we get from its existence ever so it’s too early to know. Sony promised that we’ll know more details about it in the near future.

All in all, these were the major points covered during the PlayStation Experience edition of this year. Plenty of familiar faces, not too many novelties and still a lot of questions when it comes to releasing dates on the calendar. Sony simply skimmed through old things more than announcing the new.

What about you, Fanatics? Did you watch PlayStation Experience and what did you think about it? Which games are you particularly looking forward to playing next year? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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