The Sexy Brutale is Coming to Nintendo Switch

If you have been following the steps of Spanish studio Tequila Works, then you know about their work on RiME or Deadlight. This year they also partnered with British team Cavalier Game Studios and published The Sexy Brutale. An indie game that proposes a spin to the typical murder-in-a-mansion theme, mixing murder (or the prevention of) with time travel.

Up until now, The Sexy Brutale was only available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. However, Nintendo Switch players will soon enjoy the delicious story that lies behind this title. Tequila and Cavalier announced today that the Switch is getting its version next week already, on December 7.

It’s still unclear whether the game will have a physical edition. The only platform to do so has been PlayStation 4, while Xbox and PC players can only get it digitally. Whatever happens, make sure you keep this game on your radar next week. Keep on reading to discover why.

Sexy Brutale

The Sexy Brutale: a Time Travelling, Looping Mystery

The Sexy Brutale came out in April this year, amidst Triple-A hitters and other big gaming bombs. It’s currently scoring 9/10 on Steam and here in The Game Fanatics we praised its originality and striking art direction.

In The Sexy Brutale you take the role of priest Lafcadio Boone. He gets up in the middle of a looping nightmare where the same day is played over and over again. Trapped inside this loop are also all the guests attending a decadent masked ball – trapped, and slowly heading to their neverending deaths. Lafcadio is the only one who owns the key to reverse time and so he becomes the sole agent that can stop that cycle. The lives of all guests are on his shoulders, as well as the breeding mystery that lies deep inside the mansion.

The Sexy Brutale is a short but delicious gaming experience. Some of its catchy melodies and characters still echo in my mind, months after playing it. Despite its quieter course, this indie jewel is truly worth your time – especially if you dig puzzles, thinking challenges and British humor.

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