Dragons Dogma Displays its Complexities at Capcom Unity

  • Amy Lemaster

    Possibly a actually silly question. But how do you go to on the internet multiplayer on monster hunter tri on the wii. Cant seem to be to find it on the menu or anything, all I see is just arena with splitscreen for multiplayer.

  • Amy Lemaster

    I just commenced enjoying Monster Hunter Tri for the Wii. I am employing the traditional controller fashion 1 and do not know how to report monsters on my monster list. (The only instructions I located ended up for the Wii mote, which, I am not making use of for this specific game) If any individual could notify me how that would be great, because appropriate now I am kind of enjoying at a disadvantage not being ready to file them.

    Thank you!

  • Melisa Klenke

    I had not too long ago heard about the launch of the Monster Hunter Freedom Unite’s PSP 3000 Bundle, and I was preparing to get it upon it really is release, nonetheless following hunting around online, apparently it can be only coming out in Europe? Does anyone know if it truly is releasing in the Unite States, and if it is then when?

  • Melisa Klenke

    Monster Hunter 3, I’ve observed individuals on youtube and the like get their blade sharp in just a single or two scrapes of the whetstone.
    How exactly do you do this?

  • Joanne Mefford

    My monster hunter 2g does not recognize my monster hunter 2 conserve file

    I have no idea why
    Is it because my monster hunter 2g is a Japanese edition with an english patch? If you know any remedies please post. THX

  • Austin

    I have monster hunter tri on the wii and i think it is an incredible game. I am looking for a new one and i live in the UK. I have a wii, xbox 360, PC and a 3DS, are there any other games apart from tri that are available to buy in the UK?

  • Hotshot t

    I have a vita and a memory stick on the way from eBay, so if I buy marvel vs capcom 3 now, will it let me play at all. I know it won’t save game data.

  • Alex

    is there actually a difference because i am going buy to one but the price difference of the two is quite big which ultimate marvel vs capcom has the higher price, is there actually the difference like gameplay and both games have their own achievements?

    thank you

    detailed answer please as i don’t know which to get

  • Jonathan

    Hi I’m looking for Street Fighter game that has ALL the Capcom fighters & I’m not talking about Marvel vs Capcom 2. Does anyone know which Street Fighter version has ALL the fighters & for the PS2? Thank you.

  • Chris R

    Well I remember the game stop I went to pre ordered marvel vs capcom 3 for me. What do you get if you did and how long do you have to pick up the copy before they won’t keep it?

  • Gabriel Kenney

    i got the ultimate pack for marvel versus capcom 3( just marvel versus capcom 3 not ultimate mvc3) but the costumes wont show i know you press x for one costume square for the 2nd one and so on but what do i press for the bought costumes? start or select wont work…what do i need to do to activate it or to chose them…the pack did download but i dont know whats wrong!