G-Spot Podcast Episode 69 | Double Show

“I want people to die, that’s why I shoot them.”

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The Ur-Dragon Makes His Debut in Dragons Dogma

When I first heard the rumor of this dragon I thought everyone was joking, but now it looks like those rumors were true, and man …

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Capcom Captivate: Dragons Dogma Still Looking Good

Capcom managed to shower us with some great screenshots and gameplay footage against two brand new bosses in Dragons Dogma. The game has come a …

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Dragons Dogma Displays its Complexities at Capcom Unity

Dragons Dogma is a title that hasn’t been receiving a lot of recognition lately. Any recognition that it might receive gets it compared to that …

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9 Extremely Unlikely VGA Headlines

Spike’s Video Game Awards are just around the corner and the entire industry is buzzing with lots of logical speculation. The problem is, logic can …

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