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The Fractured But Whole

South Park: The Fractured But Whole Unleashes the Coon | E3 2016

Cartman’s alter ego, along with the other kids’ innocent personas, will help save the world in The Fractured But-Whole.

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battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 Shows Off the Behemoth at E3 | E3 2016

After a “mind-boggling” pitch story, Battlefield 1 gives another trailer for the public to salivate over.

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X-Men Apocalypse Review | They Built a Better One

X-Men Apocalypse brings one of the best villains in Marvel to the big screen and uses his powers to weave an interesting, destructive experience.

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Five Gaming (And Movie) Decisions the Companies Screwed Up | Fanatical five

Gaming and movies have shared a long-distance relationship for a while now, and their parallel wayward decision making process shows that fully.

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RazerStore Grandly Opens this Week in San Francisco

Razer’s very first store, handily named RazerStore, in America is taking over the Bay Area with plenty of ways to enhance your gaming experience.

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Kickstarter Spotlight for May – Dark Souls, Death, and Physics

Kicking off our new Kickstarter spotlight are a handful of projects large and small that deal with everything from table tops to ye olden times.

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Battleborn Review | Bordered-lands

Even without its pedigree, Battleborn serves as a throughway into MOBA tendencies with charm and humor driving the carpool.

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Mighty No 9

Ring the Happy Bell, Mighty No. 9 Comes this June

Remember that Kickstarter for Might No. 9 all those years ago? Creator Keiji Inafune seems finally about to deliver.

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Lionsgate Releases 70+ Movies on Steam for Rent Only

Lionsgate Studio has decided that the post popular PC infrastructure for gamers was a great spot to drop a bunch of their movies for rent only.

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KOI Review | Documentary-Level Playing

Koi is a game that doesn’t tread much water and an experience that excels only in parts.

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all walls must fall

All Walls Must Fall Coming From Former Yager Employees

After having their role in Dead Island 2 stripped away, three former Yager teamsters are moving onto a futuristic strategy game entitled All Walls Must Fall.

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Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 Review | Clutching Tight to Embers

Dark Souls 3 doesn’t stand completely tall, but still achedly shambles ahead the series in a few key areas.

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The Division

Ubisoft Details The Division 1.1 with Incursions Inbound

The Division is about to feel a bit more fleshed out around the end game area.

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