Myles Gann

Redhead by day and ginger by night, Myles writes a whole bunch of stuff on video games between playing video games and spying on his neighbors. You can beat him at the following games: Dragon Ball Z, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, but you cannot beat him in Smash Bros. Or in life. Or love.

Dark Souls 3

Something “Big” for Dark Souls 3 on Pace for Tomorrow

Without even being released worldwide yet, Dark Souls 3 already has an important announcement pending for followers of the sun.

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Dark Souls

Five Concepts the Dark Souls Formula Could Kindle | Fanatical Five

Dark Souls 3 will supposedly be the last of the cycle of flame and dark, but that doesn’t mean from Software should shelve the soul found inside.

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Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure Trailer Shows Furious Dodging

Stikbold is bringing it’s brand of adventure, and dodgeball, to PlayStation 4 today, and there’s no better way to celebrate than with a trailer.

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Square Enix

Financial Fantasy – How Square Enix Uncovered Their Largest Gamble Yet

Square Enix won’t hold back at all on the run-up to Final Fantasy XV, but history does not bode them a guaranteed return.

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Chaos Spectrum

Logitech Introduces ‘Lag-Free’ Wireless Gaming Mouse Chaos Spectrum

The Chaos Spectrum tackles stigma itself to become a top gaming mouse that is also wireless.

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Batman V Superman

Batman V Superman Review | A Bell that Cannot be Unrung

Batman V Superman dodges several chances to devastate future potential, pulling out a massively different superhero roadmap that hits plenty of highs.

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Hitman Intro Pack Review | Click, Click, Doom

While what’s here isn’t offensive, this chunk of Hitman does very little to encourage further episode purchases.

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The Division

The Division Review | The Big, Diseased Apple

The Division has a wealth of content, action, and graphical wonderment to find in your cover-to-cover move through New York’s plagued areas.

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Dead Island

Dead Island Definitive Edition Confirmed for Current-Gen

The Dead Island franchise is both treading water and paddling ahead with upgraded version of the franchise incoming. Well, most of the franchise at least.

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Nintendo Direct

Nintendo Direct Round-Up — My Nintendo Begins

This Nintendo Direct dropped a lot of games, filling out the 3DS and Wii U line-ups for the spring.

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Ironcast Review | A Bit Rusty

Ironcast mixes together match gameplay with turn-based combat, but doesn’t have itself quite an airtight hull.

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Dark Souls 3

New Dark Souls 3 Trailer Paints your Soul Dark

Dark Souls 3 is lurking around a nearby corner, and the new trailer seems to paint an appropriately bleak scenario for the closing chapter.

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Solus Project

Solus Project Coming to Xbox One and Steam Early Access Programs

The Solus Project will be bringing it’s brand of first-person survival to early access ports along the shoreline this month.

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