Ring the Happy Bell, Mighty No. 9 Comes this June

Mighty No 9

Remember that Kickstarter for Mighty No. 9 all those years ago? Creator Keiji Inafune seems finally about to deliver.

The winding road traveled, according to Comcept and Inafune directly, is now officially longer than the road ahead for the new, distant cousin of Mega Man. According to the former Capcom mastermind of the boy in blue, Mighty No. 9 will jump and shoot his way to home consoles, digital stores, and physical shelves on June 21. The Vita and Nintendo 3DS versions, however, will remain in a fog to be released at a later date.

While you may be screaming “Hogwash!”, Inafune took to the official Kickstarter page – now about three years old – to confirm that the game has gone gold, indicating that the hard work is all done. “The release date we are announcing is set in stone,” Inafune says in the latest update, “and there will be no further delays for the game.” Unfortunately for him, he’s said something like this before two delays ago, which isn’t bringing a lot of good will from even a lot of the backers at this point. It should also be mentioned that the June 21 release is a result of a delay from Comcept’s “Spring 2016” window.

All that being said, Mighty No. 9 may still end up being the Mega Man game that Capcom hasn’t made since Inafune’s departure. The quality of the product hasn’t seemed to dip despite the delays, allowing Comcept to hand as much hope as possible to fans during this lengthening drought such as the exclusive demo below for backers. The Mega Man Legends-like Red Ash, also under the heading of Inafune, failed as a Kickstarter but was still picked up by developer Fuze to be made into a full game sometime as well. This points to Mighty No. 9 being just the beginning of a new kind of Mega Man-like frontier.

Mighty No. 9 will blast through PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U, Mac, PC, and Linux on June 21, and then eventually on 3DS and Vita. How curbed is your enthusiasm for this oft-delayed shooter?

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