All Walls Must Fall Coming From Former Yager Employees

all walls must fall

After having their role in Dead Island 2 stripped away, three former Yager teamsters are moving onto a futuristic strategy game entitled All Walls Must Fall.

This new game will give players the chance to launch espionage into the later 21st century between some familiar Cold War enemies. Your setting is Berlin in 2089 with America and Russia still fully warring beneath the surface of propaganda and social unrest, and your operative will be able to decide which side of the wall will ultimately spill all over the world.

Gameplay that players can expect in All Walls Must Fall break down into tactical usage of time manipulation and other abilities from an isometric viewpoint.  Levels will be procedurally generated to mix up the main campaign with each new playthrough, destructible environments, and massive crowds will all be a part of the experience where you’ll have to carefully pause time in order to execute a precise strike. This small preview shows how the time abilities will not only save your characters life, but also reveal the way through the crowds, so to speak. The art style, proclaimed to be along the lines of the exaggerated style of propaganda posters, seems to be off on the correct foot here with each of the models being clearly defined as you witness the tech-noir nightlife of future Berlin.

All Walls Must Fall
Obama and Putin sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

Yager, now transferred to inbetween Games, have a pretty impressive resume from Spec Ops: The Line to what could have been Dead Island 2. The company appropriates a lot of their move to the indie scene to their loss of the open-world zombie game, stating in their official press kit, “After years working in the AAA mines and seeing our work cancelled on the altar of money we figured it was time for us to try something different.”

All Walls Must Fall is coming to Steam Early Access sometime this Fall, and if you want to see some of what inbetween Games is capable of before then, take a look at their game jam title called The Mammoth: A Cave Painting.

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