Ubisoft Details The Division 1.1 with Incursions Inbound

The Division

The Division is about to feel a bit more fleshed out around the end game area.

Ubisoft is bringing more opportunities for loot and war into your own diseased little island. The company has released the Update 1.1 trailer that delivers the broad strokes for new challenges, Dark Zone supply drops, and Incursions.

The most intriguing addition to the core game seems to be these end-game, high-level Incursion areas that are said to require a team to conquer. Set up for the one coming in this update will require a lot of specific building where you and your team will have to balance out one another’s skills and weapons to take back a crucial water plant somewhere in the city. Armored vehicles, elite enemies, and other obstacles will build a high wall for your crew to climb, but doing so will net you new exotic, named weapons and gear sets. The gear will unlock special abilities when combined with others of its ilk while neither they nor the weapons appear to have special, flashy models. Both exotic types will now be staples of future updates to The Division.

the division

Another big addition is trading, which will be unlimited between you and members of your group. Crews will see the daily and weekly assignments net them gear and Phoenix Credits as well with the objectives seeming to be of the simplified “Kill 10 blanks” style. Supply drops in the Dark Zone look to be just another way for the worst of humanity to shine as every participant of this weaponized three-legged race attempts to call dibs on “clean” weapon caches inside the zone. There are also some trickle-down changes to some of the formulas behind the curtain that you can take a look at on Ubisoft’s official blog.

Take a look at what The Game Fanatics scored The Division last month, or what there is to do now at the end game, as you prepare for Update 1.1 to release tomorrow – free of charge – across every available platform.

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