Thirty Days of Video Games Day Thirteen – Games Played More Than Five Times

First off, I’m not going to mention the countless times that I’ve played DDR, ITG, any game from the Halo, Tekken or Marvel vs. Capcom series or any other fighting, MMO, racing, causal or online FPS game. Those types are very easy to play more than once, let alone five times. In reality, we’ve all played Tetris more than five times in our lifetime.

Mass Effect 1 & 2 – Both Mass Effect games got more than five times worth of playtime. I wanted to get all the achievements in Mass Effect and once the second installment came out, it only felt right to get all the achievements. It took me a while, and a lot of screaming at the TV while playing on insanity, but I finally did it and both games have been completely finished. I’ve thought about playing both again before Mass Effect 3 drops

Dragon Age: Origins – Another game that I made my mission to get all the achievements in. I then got the game for PC because I knew the controls would be better and there was a deal on Steam. There are only a handful of games that I have bought for multiple systems and this game and the two that follow are among them.

Star Wars: The Knights of the Old Republic 1 & 2 – I’ve played both these games several times over that I’ve lost count. The story, characters and having it set in the Star Wars universe doesn’t hurt it either. Once computers started to upgrade and new versions of Windows started to come out, it was harder and harder to get both of these games to work. Thankfully KotOR was released on Steam but for KotOR 2, I had to do a work around in order for my discs to work. Even though KotOR 2, made by Obsidian, was rushed, is buggy and should have been better, I still love the game and I still wish for a KotOR 3.

Runners up that are close to that fifth play through mark are Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy VI, Oblivion, Fable 2 & 3 as well as Heavy Rain but as of right now, those five above are the most played.

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