The Game Fanatics’ Top Content Creators of 2018 I Best of 2018

Whether it be Twitch, YouTube or any other platform, content creators inspire, educate, and entertain online audiences. Here at The Game Fanatics, we have compiled a list of our personal favorite content creators. These creators have stood out among the masses in 2018. Here’s to them! Click on their pictures to check them out.

Fiona Nova

At first glance, you may think that Fiona Nova is just a pretty face. While she is beautiful, she has social media skills, charisma, and game knowledge to boot. Her incredible work ethic has made her rise from variety streamer and Overwatch enthusiast to an official French correspondent for the Overwatch World Cup. She always engages on her social media despite her large following and is not afraid to speak out about issues about race and gender in the fandom/geek sphere. We can’t wait to see where her ambition will take her next.

Easy Allies

The Easy Allies team (formerly GameTrailers staff) makes their love of video games clear in the sheer breadth of games they cover. There is something for everyone in the content they produce. Their reaction videos for E3 are always an entertaining watch. EZA just announced the opening of their own personal studio. We can’t wait to see what they come out next.


Starting off as a popular Vine star, CalebCity is one of the many that have put black geeks in the spotlight of mainstream media outlets. Since the death of Vine, he’s moved over to YouTube and thrived. He has an amazing ability to create relatable content in short videos. Just watch any of his anime villain impressions or video game sequence reenactments. You will find yourself laughing in solidarity because we’ve all been there.


Twitch partner, Fareeha streams high-quality Overwatch gameplay as a top 500 Pharah, Sombra, and Ana. Despite her status as a big name Overwatch streamer and rank of Grandmaster, she is always super positive during her streams. After any rough match or bad death, she will go over what happened in the situation. This is to educate her viewers on how to be better players themselves. It’s refreshing to watch top-tier esports without having to listen to toxicity.

Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros is made up of Jirard the Completionist and Alex Faciane. Their content is mostly made up of Let’s Play series and comedy. They do bits, tell stories, and in general, are insanely hilarious. The ultimate moment that made one of our team love these guys was Episode 18 of their Kingdom Hearts Lets Play series. You HAVE to watch at least the first ten minutes, we guarantee you will laugh your butt off!

Maximilian Dood

Some people just button mash their way through fighting games but Maximilian is a true connoisseur. Fans especially appreciate his breakdown on fighting games and the genre in general. His videos are creative and entertaining. Viewers can expect every statement he makes about fighting games to be backed up with good examples and absolutely no fluff. We can get right to the good stuff.

My Name is Byf

My Name is Byf is unparalleled in his knowledge of the world of Destiny. I mean the guy made a complete guide to the lore that is over an hour long! The attention to detail and the amount of information he provides about Destiny pulls fans into the overall player experience more. It helps to know more about the games you’re playing and My Name is Byf provides for Destiny players everywhere.

TotalBiscuit (In Memoriam)

TotalBiscuit was a consumer advocate in the gaming scene. Everyone who’s followed him has been aware of his deteriorating health for some time, but it’s nonetheless come as both a shock and a blow to all those who followed him. He was defined by his integrity and passion. Not everyone agreed with him or liked him, but almost everyone respected him. He never stopped advocating for the consumer. He was vigilant in his attempts to keep his viewer base informed, and he managed to always produce content that was unabashedly what he felt like producing but which still held value. He’ll be missed.

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