Wolverine Changes Pace in this New Logan Trailer

Wolverine has aged and he’s on the edge. The latest trailer for Logan confirms a melancholic twist and a world sunken in chaos.

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New LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Screens Show Off Wolverine, Silver Samurai

The build-up (heh, see, because they’re LEGOs and you build with them) for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes continues, with some new screenshots showing off a …

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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Announced For Fall 2013

Marvel Comics fans looking for their own entry in the LEGO series of video games will get their wish this year.

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Jackman To Possibly Join Stewart, McKellen In Next X-Men Movie

The next X-Men movie will feel like a reunion in some ways.

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The Comic Fanatic – 11/15: This one goes to Eleven!

That’s right, this week had an astonishing number of excellent titles, that I really don’t want to exclude any. So, on this mega, ultra sized …

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The Comic Fanatic: X-Force Special

And we’re back! Sorry about going AWOL the past few weeks. Work has been significantly busier than usual, but have no fear. The Comic Fanatic resumes its …

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Simply Astonishing

Usually my articles pertain to gaming and… that’s basically it. It’s my recreation, profession, and passion. But a man can’t be expected to do the …

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The Comic Fanatic: 7/25 – American Vampire, X-Force, Debris, X-Treme X-Men, Mass Effect

Hello, True Believers! This has been a great week in the world of comics. Lots of good stuff out. Let me touch on a few …

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