The Comic Fanatic: 7/25 – American Vampire, X-Force, Debris, X-Treme X-Men, Mass Effect

Hello, True Believers! This has been a great week in the world of comics. Lots of good stuff out. Let me touch on a few very briefly. There are new issues of American Vampire and Uncanny X-Force. As always, both are fantastic reads.Vampire continues part two of The Blacklist arc, and is very good. Interesting to see Pearl and Skinner working side by side. X-Force continues its Final Execution arc. This issue expands into unexpected, but exciting new territory. The end is also very unexpected and makes me eager for the next issue. Buy these two, as always.

I love Wolverine and the X-Men #14 for two main reasons. First, it’s a great Kitty issue. Just in case you had forgotten how awesome she is. Run a school full of dangerous, hormonal and crazy teenage mutants while Logan is out stabbing? No problem! Dinner with the ex-boyfriend who now has the power of two angry and violent gods? Sure, why not. What’s the worst that could happen? Second, this issue does a good job of showing that the X-Men are starting to question the Phoenix Five. They’re starting to realize it’s not all sunshine and puppies. Makes me excited for the final act of Avengers VS X-Men.

X-TREME X-MEN #1!! Coming at you right out of Astonishing X-Men (Exalted arc). This NEW series features kid Nightcrawler, General James Howlett, and Emmaline Frost-Summers, and … the Dazzler. Also, many many body-less heads of Charles Xavier. The gist: alternate versions of Wolverine, Emma Frost and Nightcrawler (and the 616 Dazzler) travel from dimension to dimension and fight bad guys and fix things. Sound familiar? It should. Similar premise to The Exiles, which was one of my favorite series, and I’m hoping this shapes up to be a very solid reality-hopping run. This first series is fun. Not amazing, but still quite fun and definitely worth reading. Kid Nightcrawler and Gen. Howlett are worth the price of admission. Great cover.

One comic I don’t want to fail to mention is Debris, a new mini-series from Image.  This follows the story of Maya, a protector of one of the remaining small villages in what appears to be post-apocalyptic world. Appears to be only a handful of humans left, and they have to deal with mechanical animal, most notably the giant wyrms. Kinda reminiscent of Enslaved , if you played that. The coloring is great, the action is really fun, and Maya is a pretty cool character. It’s slated for four issues, but hopefully it will sell and we will get more. Be sure to pick this up! I really don’t think you be disappointed.

Garrus! Garrus freakin’ Vakarian! Mass Effect Homeworlds #3 focuses on my second favorite character in the Mass Effect universe (Shepard being my first). Too be honest, there’s not too much in here that’s not told in the game, apart from more details on Garrus’ strained relationship with his dad. Several of the lines are lifted straight from the game. So it’s not a must read, but for Garrus fans like myself, it’s a fun read.

Lastly, fans of Karma will want to pick up Astonishing X-Men #52 as she takes the center role. X-Men Legacy #270 features Rogue and Ms.Marvel fighting their way out of Limbo. It’s Legacy, you know what you’re getting. Although sadly, it will be concluded this fall. Stay tuned to next week, when we’ll have the first issue of the final part of Avengers VS X-Men. Until then!

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