Jackman To Possibly Join Stewart, McKellen In Next X-Men Movie

The next X-Men movie will feel like a reunion in some ways.With every passing moment, Bryan Singer‘s follow-up to the astonishingly good X-Men: First Class is looking better and better. The movie will focus on the epic Days of Future Past storyline; which, incidentally, we listed among the top 10 X-Men stories. Now we know that not only will Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen be reprising their roles of Professor X and Magneto, respectively, but Hugh Jackman is in talks to come back as Wolverine. Combined with his awesome cameo in First Class, Jackman will be the only actor to have been in every X-Men movie to date.

Since this is a time travel movie, Singer has said he wants to weave all of the prior X-Men movies, including X3 and X-Men Origins: Wolverine, into one cohesive timeline. Expect some time-altering shenanigans, which may actually fix what many found wrong with X3: the sheer breakdown of the Phoenix storyline and the untimely deaths of Cyclops (totally and completely off-screen) and Xavier (physically but it’s ok, he mind-raped someone to survive).

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