Agents of Mayhem Review | Sons of the Saints

Agents of Mayhem, reviewed on PS4, is the game for you if love silliness, cheesy Saturday morning cartoons, and want some interactive junk food.

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Guess Who’s Back? Gat’s Back In Agents Of Mayhem!

Popular Saints Row Character Johnny Gat Is Back In Volition’s Agents of Mayhem. However, there are some strings attached.

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Agents Of Mayhem

Agents of Mayhem Is Pure Fun From The Team That Made Saints Row

Saints Row developers, Volition, have announced their next game, Agents of Mayhem, due out in August. Agents of Mayhem is a third person shooter revolving …

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Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell Walkthrough Video Showcases Hellish Fun

Deep Silver has released a brand new, chaotic video walkthrough for the upcoming Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell standalone expansion. Demons and locust hordes and rambulances, oh my!

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PAX Prime 2014 I Volition Announce Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell and it's as Crazy as it Sounds

Volition and Deep Silver have just announced a standalone expansion for their hit title Saints Row IV.

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More love love for the Dub Dub in Saints Row IV

Saints Row IV is getting a new DLC pack today!

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Saints Row IV Surpasses Expectations and Tops Sales Charts

Deep Silver and Volition has announced that Saints Row IV is a hit! The newest iteration of the Saints Row series is quickly selling beyond its …

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Fun, Fun, Fun and Wub, Wub, Wub – Our Saints Row IV Review

Dubstep guns and super powers…an alien invasion and a virtual Steelport…spaceships and insurance fraud (yes it’s back!), welcome to Saints Row 4!

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Saints Row IV Goes Gold

Saints Row IV has gone gold and to celebrate you can now preorder the season pass for $9.99.

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Johnny Gat is Alive and Well in Saints Row IV

Well, we called it in our interview with Volition Inc back in 2012, so it’s no surprise to see Johnny Gat alive in Saints Row IV.

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Saints Row IV is Cheesy, Nonsensical, and Way Over the Top, Just Like We Like It (Preview)

Ah, Saints Row, a franchise that’s propelled its way into our hearts like that lovable uncle who told you about sex, love, and how everybody poops, …

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Saints Row IV | Best Independence Day Speech since ID4

Keith David has just given the best Independence Day speech since Bill Pullman from the 1996 summer movie, Independence Day in the newest trailer for …

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Saints Row IV | This is the Fight for Humanity

The latest Saints Row IV trailer dives into a more dramatic feel while still keeping the feel of being a Saint.

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