Agents of Mayhem Is Pure Fun From The Team That Made Saints Row

Agents Of Mayhem

Saints Row developers, Volition, have announced their next game, Agents of Mayhem, due out in August.

Agents of Mayhem is a third person shooter revolving around a set of interchangeable heroes. There’s a roller derby girl who mows people down with a Gatling gun, a drone wielding sky pirate, an archer who fires plague arrows and traps, and many more. With 12 characters in total, everyone should find a character that suits their play style and personality.

Much like its predecessor, Agents of Mayhem will take place in an open world, this time in Seoul, South Korea. You’re pitted against the forces of LEGION, The League of Evil Gentleman Intent On Obliterating Nations. It’s up to your team of not-so-good guys to foil their evil schemes. The writing is very tongue in cheek, as to be expected from the team who made giant purple dildos the melee weapon of choice, and the world is fun and vibrant.

Agents of Mayhem places a much stronger focus on combat, looking like a cross between Uncharted and Gears of War. There’s a hint of Overwatch too, as each character has a specific Mayhem ability that you can power up and unleash. Each mission requires you to choose a team of three heroes that you can swap in and out mid-game. This presents more dynamic gameplay than your standard third person shooter.

For a year that’s slated to be one of the biggest in recent gaming memory, Agents of Mayhem is an exciting and unexpected addition. If it plays how it looks, the game will definitely be one of the most fun titles of the year.

Agents of Mayhem is due for release on August 15th, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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