Fun, Fun, Fun and Wub, Wub, Wub – Our Saints Row IV Review

Dubstep guns and super powers…an alien invasion and a virtual Steelport…spaceships and insurance fraud (yes it’s back!), welcome to Saints Row 4! Saints Row 4, a game that is so out-of-this-word, so ridiculous, so…not serious, but yet is heaps of fun. To put into words the vast expanse of things one can do in the game is a pretty daunting task, from your array of super powers to insane weapons, you’ll always be outfitted for whatever you come across in the new Steelport.

Awesome cinematic music choices, not gonna spoil anything but I hope you don’t miss a thing in the first chapter, abound in the game, and the opening sequence is just a taste. A very interesting initial character customization sequence, using themed magazine covers as overall character templates was very different. The magazines were sort of template-ized, allowing you to further customize the look and attributes of the character on the front page. The actual beginning of the game is identical to the press preview we played, so you can check out our initial Saints Row 4 impressions here.

Saints Row IV Superpowers

With all of the changes and improvements in Saints Row 4, I was a bit disappointed to see vehicular controls almost unimproved. Let’s be honest, driving in Saints Row: The Third sucked, and you’re not going to find much improvement in Saints Row 4. That being said the minute we got our super powers – speed and jump/glide/fly – we never drove around Steelport again, so driving is not really a factor in Saints Row 4.

Saints Row 4 is essentially a more polished, more refined, more fun, and more over-the-top Saints Row: The Third, and that is saying a lot.

The replayability of Saints Row 4 is pretty self-explanatory. Why would I want to replay this game after I beat it? -said no one, ever. There’s hours upon hours of side-questing fun, havoc and mayhem, Easter eggs and hidden gems to find. In fact, don’t be surprised if the single reason you’ll be unwilling to part ways with your PS3 and Xbox 360 in a few months is attributed to Saints Row 4. The game is THAT fun. Saints Row 4 in essence is a memento of sorts, a milestone that will forever mark the unbelievable accomplishments of a studio, born from division and suffering through multiple publishers, to create was is quite possibly the most fun game of a generation.

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