Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 Launches Full-On with a Compelling Trailer

During its official launch day and probably aiming to convince the undecided, Dark Souls 3 offers a brand new and captivating trailer every Dark Souls fan and rookie should watch.

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Starve Together

Don’t Starve Together: Leaving Early Access for Official Launch

The standalone multiplayer version of the acclaimed Don’t Starve game is saying bye-bye to Early Access and arriving full-on this April.

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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Launch Date Revealed

We have been eagerly awaiting the release of Deus Ex: Manking Divided and Square Enix have finally given us a launch date.

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Today, August 26th, is the Youtube Gaming Launch

As previously announced, August 26th is the Youtube Gaming launch date, bringing on Twitch’s possible biggest competitor.

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Fanatical Recap | Xbox One Launch Day (Video)

For several hours, gamers competed in FIFA14, Killer Instinct, and Forza 5. There was a live DJ and Tony Beltran from ReAL Salt Lake was in the back playing FIFA14. The place was packed, wall to wall. Microsoft had bought pizza for everyone at the store. That’s right, FREE PIZZA!

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It's Good to be an Early Adopter of the PlayStation 4

As might be considered par for the course these days, gamers that pick up the PlayStation 4 can look forward to extra goodies. So says …

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Aliens: Colonial Marines Launch Trailer Has Landed

Aliens: Colonial Marines released today to less than favorable critical reception. Aliens fans at least have a cool new trailer to watch.

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Nintendo Delays Nintendo TVii Launch

Nintendo indirectly announced today that the Nintendo TVii service will not launch alongside the Wii U on November 18th. 

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Here are the 23 Titles to Be Released With Wii U

Nintendo has announced that 23 titles will be released alongside the Wii U.

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Gamescom 2012 | Get Your Teen Horror On With Until Dawn

At Sony’s Gamescom conference today, a new Playstation Move horror game entitled Until Dawn was announced. Alongside the announcement is a launch trailer! 

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Some Marvel Issues Ending For New Marvel NOW! Launch

Marvel has announced that it is ending some of its current series in preparation for their new publishing initiative, Marvel NOW! This new initiative involves new launches/relaunches …

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Meet OUYA: The Hacker and Developer Friendly Console

Just about every gamer has memories of playing video games in the comfort of his or her living room, sitting in front of the TV …

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Official Max Payne 3 Launch Trailer Goes Live at 12 EST on May 10

If you’ve been anticipating the latest and final look at Rockstar Games’s third installment of the Max Payne series, set an alert for May 10 …

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