Aliens: Colonial Marines Launch Trailer Has Landed

Aliens: Colonial Marines released today to less than favorable critical reception. Aliens fans at least have a cool new trailer to watch. Gearbox and SEGA’s first-person take on Aliens may not have gone over so well with critics, but the new trailer has a good sense of atmosphere and some small action bites. The xenomorphs slink, the facehuggers are still creepy, and the mech is still awesome. It’s a small trailer with only a little to show.

It is easy to judge some of the problems gamers are having with Aliens: Colonial Marines. The animations are stiff, and the facial expressions are basically non-existant. The space marine banter, while capably performed, doesn’t have much personality. And graphically it looks like a set built for a movie in the 1980s. That may sound good when you consider the property involved, but it doesn’t do much to teleport the player into the panicked world of the Colonial Marines. Luckily the atmosphere and world design seems solid and very true to iconic Aliens imagery.

We should have a review up for the game, so stick around to hear our impressions of the full game. Aliens: Colonial Marines is available now for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

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