Nintendo Delays Nintendo TVii Launch

Nintendo indirectly announced today that the Nintendo TVii service will not launch alongside the Wii U on November 18th. 

A press release issued by Nintendo hypes the launch of the Wii U, but also says the Nintendo TVii service, which uses the GamePad controller as a remote control connecting TV, Cable/Satellite, and Video-on-Demand sources in one hub, will be activated “in December.” It also goes on to say that options like Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Video-on-Demand won’t be available at launch either, just that they’ll be activated “in the coming weeks.”

This is reminiscent of the Nintendo 3DS launch, in which Nintendo pushed back their eShop and Internet Browser services from March 2011 to June. Nintendo is promising 23 games available for Wii U at launch, which they’ve said will be their biggest launch ever, and with 500,000 on the waiting list for the Wii U, it looks like they could be right.

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