Today, August 26th, is the Youtube Gaming Launch

As previously announced, August 26th is the Youtube Gaming launch date meaning that Youtube Gaming, Twitch’s possible biggest competitor will be launching this very day.

Most people don’t even bat an eye anymore when a new streaming platform goes live. There was the somewhat successful and anti-adblock Hitbox attempt, the eSport dedicated streaming platform Azubu, and even the recent French attempt at livestreaming Gaminglive. However, no matter how many different styles and ideas people pitch, none has ever come close to the success of Twitch. This case might be a little different though, as tech giant Google will finally be attempting to get into the gaming market.

Youtube already has a streaming feature and it has actually been praised by many as one of the most advanced in terms of technology. It is possible to stream at high quality and with very high FPS and bitrate due to the lack of restrictions on the Youtube Streaming system. On top of that, they already started showcasing their livestreaming power before the Youtube Gaming launch by streaming major eSports events like TI5.

Youtube Gaming Launch
An image of the system before the launch.

Now that this service will be live, Twitch might be given a serious run for their money. Not only can it be assumed that it will be a better streaming platform technologically, but it will also contain the plethora of gamers and “Lets Play”-ers that are already present on Youtube before this Youtube Gaming launch. Though the eSport market may remain on Twitch, Hitbox, and Azubu, it is highly likely that the casual market will make a move towards the soon-to-be more popular Youtube Gaming.

After the launch, a new service will be available to gamers which will allow for livestreams but also V.O.D’s and highlights, something that will aid many to transition from Twitch once the Youtube Gaming launch has made the video site their main destination. Hopefully this competition ends up being healthy rather than harmful for both Amazon (Twitch) and Google (Youtube).

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