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Valve and Nexon Part Ways in Korea

Valve and Nexon, the official Korean Dota 2 distributor, will be parting ways in Korea as Steam will take over the servers.

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Overwatch Mac port

Overwatch Won’t Be Coming to Mac

It seems like there won’t be an Overwatch Mac Port but the game will be available on consoles and PC.

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Humble Month

Humble Monthly – Is It Worth the Risk?

Let’s talk a bit about the value of Humble Monthly and how we can measure it and if it’s worth the risk for your money.

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DMCA Allows Gamers to Bypass DRM Restrictions on Abandoned Games

DMCA now allows gamers to bypass DRM Restrictions on abandoned games.

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Quake Live Will be Adding a Paid Subscription Service

Quake Live will be adding a paid subscription service to the game in no time to come.

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Huge Estimated Growth for the eSports Market

Superdata conducted a story on the eSports market which estimates huge growth in the next few years.

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Red Fly Studio Hopes to Revive the Previously Scrapped Darth Maul Game

This past weekend, Red Fly Studio declared that they are attempting to revive the infamous Darth Maul game.

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Art of Fallout 4

Fallout 4 Pipboy Edition Restocked and Ready

Bethesda has more copies of the Fallout 4 Pipboy Edition restocked and ready for Rad people.

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Scuf Gaming Becomes Exclusive Microsoft Provider

Scuf Gaming has signed a licensing agreement to become an exclusive Microsoft third party developer.

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Is Good Organization the Key to eSports’ Success?

A brief analysis and understanding behind the importance of the eSports organization.

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New eSports and SMASHER Series Network Launched by Endemol

The United States will be getting a new set of eSports and gaming-related programs as Endemol is launching a new network dedicated to them.

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Microsoft’s Surface Book Laptop Finally Announced

The new Surface Book laptop has been announced by Windows.

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Are We Getting More Mortal Kombat Characters?

A new batch of Mortal Kombat characters are set to come in 2016.

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