Pillars of Eternity Comes to Consoles This Fall

On August 29th, Pillars of Eternity will see Xbox One and PlayStation 4 releases.

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Nintendo Switch Manages to Both Excited and Disappoint

Our Hands-On With the Nintendo Switch

To end January on a good note, Penny Arcade had its third annual convention, PAX South. This year, Nintendo entered the show floor showcasing their newest console that’s releasing in March, the Nintendo Switch.

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Nintendo Switch welcomes Nobunaga's Ambition Series

Nintendo Switch welcomes Nobunaga’s Ambition Series

The Nobunaga’s Ambition series is making its way to the Nintendo Switch.

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Overwatch Mac port

Overwatch Won’t Be Coming to Mac

It seems like there won’t be an Overwatch Mac Port but the game will be available on consoles and PC.

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Minecraft Sales at 54 Million with Console Sales Beating PC

After just over two years, the sales for Minecraft for consoles has reached above PC sales. Across all platforms, Minecraft is at 54 million sold. …

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Xbox One Specification's Revealed; Partially

Xbox One Unveil Video Today, May 21, 2013. After what seemed like an eternity of swimming through an endless sea of rumors and speculations; by …

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Ouya Getting Upgrades Before June Launch

The crowd sourced Ouya gaming console is receiving some moderately harsh critiques from early adopters who managed to kick in enough cash to receive a …

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Sony Announces The PlayStation 4

At the 2013 PlayStation meeting tonight, Sony officially announced the PlayStation 4. 

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What I Want (But Probably Won't Get) From Sony's PS4 Announcement

So this Wednesday, Sony will most likely be announcing the PlayStation 4. Is it good that I’m both excited and ambivalent? 

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White Limited-Edition PS3 Coming To North America Jan. 27

PS3 fans now don’t have to be jealous of other countries.

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Sony PlayStation 4 May Be Closer Than We Expect

There’s an eerie calm surrounding the gaming industry as we head into the next generation of home consoles. So much so, that Sony Home Entertainment …

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CES 2013 | Valve's Steam Box Mystery Console Finally Revealed [UPDATE]

After what had seemed like an eternity of rumors, speculating, and dead ends, Valve has decided to reveal to the world what the Steam Box actually …

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CES 2013 | Pro Controller Introduced for MOGA Mobile Gaming System

Console gamers will be happy to know that playing games on their phone has just been made easier, thanks to MOGA’s addition of a new …

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