Xbox One Specification's Revealed; Partially

Xbox One Unveil Video

Today, May 21, 2013. After what seemed like an eternity of swimming through an endless sea of rumors and speculations; by overzealous fans of Microsoft. We’ve managed to nailed down some information about  what makes the Xbox 720; correction. The Xbox One a truly unique piece of gaming equipment.

Unlike the Xbox 360 which featured a color combination of white, grey, and a green power indicator. Microsoft decided to take a more subtle approach. The Xbox One features a two-tone color scheme. A glossy black finish covers a part of the system while another portion of the system is colored in a matte grey finish. I’m guessing the system will vent out hot air from this area while powered on. No information has surfaced on what color  the power indicator will be for the Xbox One. I believe it will retain its original green glow seeing how that’s become key identifier for their hardware in ad campaigns.

The Xbox One’s specifications leave a lot to be desired. Hardly any information has come out after the announcement of the console, other than it having an 8 core CPU ( developed by Microsoft), 8 GB DDR3 memory500 GB HDDBlu-ray drive802.11n Wireless with Wi-Fi Direct, an HDMI in/out, and USB 3.0 ports.

But the most important piece of information was withheld; the gpu. The reasons for them withholding this information is still unknown. But,  ff I had to speculate it will most likely be something from AMD considering the recent showing of Sony’s PlayStation 4, which will be using a modified graphics card. From AMD with an astonishing 8  GDDR5 memory making it the fastest gaming console to date, in term of raw graphical power.

Hopefully more information will become available during E3 this year. Until then, check out all the cool pictures below of the Xbox One. Also, tell us what you think of the new Xbox from Microsoft.

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