Overwatch Won’t Be Coming to Mac

Overwatch Mac port

Blizzard’s highly anticipated new IP, Overwatch, will be coming to PC, Xbox One, and PS4 next year. It won’t, however, be coming to Mac.

The Team Fortress 2/MOBA shooter Overwatch, announced last year after being known as “Project Titan” for several years, is the newest addition to the Blizzard roster of games. The game recently entered its closed beta and many are anxiously waiting for an invite. The PC release is no surprise; it’s Blizzard after all. An announcement concerning Xbox One and PlayStation 4, however was a pleasant surprise. With that being said, the game isn’t scheduled to be released on the Macintosh platform.

Overwatch Mac Port

That doesn’t mean there isn’t a possibility of having it in the future if there was a high enough demand.  Despite the fact that gaming on a Mac is still viewed by some as a minority, there’s still an audience to be found there. Each of Blizzard’s franchises (World of Warcraft, StarCraftDiablo, and Heroes of the Storm) run on OS X. Some of the biggest online games on the market, i.e. Dota 2League of LegendsCounter-Strike GO, and Minecraft, all are playable on Mac. So why is Overwatch an exception?

According to Blizzard, this choice is influenced by the limiting factors that exist within the operating system.

“Currently with the technology behind Macs and the way Overwatch runs it’s just too challenging for us at this point to support it,”  Jeff Kaplan, the game’s director, said. “Our focus right now is entirely on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.”

Source: Polygon

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