Meghan Solo

Meghan grew up trolling through jungles with Crash Bandicoot. It was a pleasant endeavor but after a while she realized her tastes had changed and a little more violence was necessary. She lovingly transitioned over to Xbox and PC, blasting her way through the likes of Halo, Guild Wars, Smite, and a plethora of other games. Her love of gaming and nerd culture brought her to the world of cosplay, and she hasn't looked back since.

Razer Looks to Set Even Higher Standards With Acquisition Of THX

Razer did something to elicit some excitement in gamers today. They brought into their fold a nifty little company known to the world as THX. Back in 1983 George Lucas was blowing away the world with innovation and creativity. Star Wars set an unprecedented level of ingenuity. One such creation was THX.

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ELEAGUE’S Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major Championship To Be Held in Atlanta

Do you like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? Do you like esports? Do you like Major Championships? Do you like being in a beautiful venue with tons of other fans screaming your heart out because you’re so into the match? We have good news for you.

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Two Years Too Late, Warframe Hacked…in 2014

Even the Warframe space ninjas can get caught flat on their feet. In a recent post by Digital Extremes on their Warframe forum they have notified the public of a hack.

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New Trailer Highlights New Art Style for Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

There are few games that stick around for decades while still managing to stay fresh and exciting. Sid Meier’s Civilization VI is looking like it might have the potential to be a showstopper.

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SMITE Be a Little Fancy | Fanatical Fashion

SMITE allows you to run around and beat each other senseless. Now, thanks to their merchandise you can proudly display your affiliations in the real world too!

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Minecraft In Case You Missed It!

AI Unleashed in the World of Minecraft Via Project Malmo

Everyone’s favourite 8-bit game has crossed a new frontier in Artificial Intelligence development. Microsoft has finally allowed public access to Project Malmo.

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