Fanatical Fashion | Look Good, Saints Row Style

Insert Coin Clothing has released the first Saints Row clothing line available. Check it out here!Over the weekend, Insert Coin Clothing made their Saints Row apparel available for purchase. We’ll walk you though the items available, in price order.

Professor Genki’s Super Ethical Reality Climax Shirt

shirtCan anything match the genius of Professor Genki? No other feline can touch Genki when it comes to smarts, and apparently, fashion. Show the other cats in your neighbourhood who’s boss and wear this out around the town. Priced at $30.80, you’ll be a sure fire catch in this one. You can buy it here.


Saints Flow Shirt


Underneath the Saints Flow logo, it states: ‘There is a saint in all of us.’ Pretty much the tag line of Saints Row, the chemicals and additives swirling around in the drink are addicting, just like this shirt. Also priced at $30.80, you can purchase it here.


Genki Leggings


These feline covered leggings are just perfect, with the murderous Genki looking similar to the mysterious Cheshire Cat from Wonderland. This article of clothing is definitely one worth investing in and I’m thinking about it myself. Priced at $42, they are available for purchase here.


 Gat Shirt

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Another Saints Row symbol is, of course, Gat. The legend of the game is his story; let the legend live through reality with this polo shirt. Also priced at $42, make sure to pick it up here.


Steelport Saints Hoodie


As stated on the Insert Coin Clothing website: ‘Steelport isn’t just the new home of the Saints – it’s the heart of their entire Empire…’ Show your appreciation for Steelport and wear this hoodie to show off your love for the heart of your empire. Priced at $56, you can find it here.


3rd Street Saints jacket


Probably the star feature of the collection, this jacket exaggerates the fact that everybody wants to be a Saint. Wearing this jacket shows your part in the world wide gang of Saints; who wouldn’t want to be a member of the club? This jacket is $77, and it available for your buying pleasure here.

Make sure to check out this amazing line at Insert Coin Clothing, especially if you’ve lived vicariously through the life of a Saint. Be sure to tell The Game Fanatics what you think about this apparel!

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