Watch: New Trailer for Open World JRPG Edge of Eternity Arrives

Midgar Studio just dropped a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming open world indie JRPG, Edge of Eternity. You might remember the game from its successful Kickstarter campaign that managed to raise over $160,000, reaching nearly all of its stretch goals in the process.

The title clearly takes a lot of cues from JRPG favorite franchise such as Final Fantasy, Star Ocean and Xenoblade. The story isn’t anything too radical. It takes place in the once peaceful world of Heryon. After an alien invasion, and war, a biological weapon is released that begins to turn organic beings into… metal. Okay, maybe it is a bit unique. The main character seems to be a man named Daryon, he and the several other playable characters will embark on a journey that will change the fate of Heryon. It would be easy to compare it to the recent Final Fantasy XV since both games are open world, that would seem to be an unfair comparison, Edge of Eternity takes a different direction. with an ATB inspired, turn-based battle system and other features that would seem to indicate that this game will be much more grounded in traditional JRPG mechanics than Final Fantasy XV.

If that’s not enough to get you excited, the game also promises to contain a branching storyline where your choices matter, a unique evolving equipment system, Final Fantasy style summons, and thanks to a Kickstarter stretch goal, a soundtrack by legendary composer Yasunori Mitsuda, of Chrono Cross fame.

More news on the game might be available after the Game Developers conference later this month. We will keep you updated. Edge of Eternity will be available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One sometime in 2018.

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