Umbrella Corps Delayed Until Late June

Fans waiting on Umbrella Corps to launch next month received a bit of bad news concerning the team-based shooter. The game has officially been delayed until late June.

Initially set to launch some time in May, Capcom officially announced the game’s release date window to be pushed back to June 21st. The folks over in Japan will have to wait until the 23rd before they can get their hands on this title.

The cause of the delay is because Capcom required more “optimization time” for Umbrella Corps. Basically, the game required extra development to provide for a smooth experience.

Releasing on the PlayStation 4 console and Windows PC, Umbrella Corps is the second team-based shooter set within Resident Evil’s universe– the first was Operation Raccoon City for last-gen systems.


Unlike its predecessor, Umbrella Corps will not feature a single-player story campaign but rather, a horde mode called ‘The Experiment’. This mode will feature up to 20 missions for players to tackle as they take on waves of enemies.

Instead, the main focus will be on the competitive online matches between two opposing corporations. Players will engage in three on three matches where ultimately, the goal is to kill the opposing players. Zombies litter the maps and can be used against enemies to slow them down or dispose of them.

There is a progression system in place for Umbrella Corps and players will also be able to customize their mercenary, as seen in the video above. The customization, however, is strictly for aesthetic purposes though.


Umbrella Corps will (hopefully) launch as a digital exclusive on June 21st for PlayStation 4 and Windows PC with the price tag of $29.99.

*Writer’s Perspective* I managed to play Umbrella Corps last year during New York Comic Con and came away with positive thoughts. The 3V3 action requires tight cooperation from teammates to emerge victorious. I wasn’t able to customize my character at the time but I did get to play three matches before my turn was up. With the right teammates, Umbrella Corps could be a decent jump in, jump out kind of game. Though the lack of a single-player story mode might turn a few people away.

[Source: Polygon]

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