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Weekly Mobile Roundup — Best Android and iOS Games This Week

The weekly mobile roundup is back! The Game Fanatics has been hard at work curating a list of the best Android and iOS games of the week …

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Gamescom 2013 | XCOM: Enemy Within will be Presented

Gamescon 2013 starts up on August 21, which will be the same day that 2K will be giving out more details on XCOM: Enemy Within.

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XCOM: Enemy Unknown Releasing on iOS Tomorrow

The multi-award winning RTS title, XCOM: Enemy Unknown is making its way to multiple iOS devices starting this Thursday, June 20.

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XCOM Re-Reveal on the Horizon

The XCOM in development by 2K Marin was originally announced back in 2010, and revealed at E3 2011, but new details are to be revealed …

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PAX East 2013 | XCOM Enemy Unknown Coming to iPad and iPhones

Have you ever wanted to take your fight against aliens on the go? Worried about your troops when you have to break away from the …

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G-Spot Podcast Episode 74 | Game of the Year Tournament 2012 Part 2

“I like jumpy-jumpy instead of shooty-shooty.”

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The Classic Elite XCOM Soldier Won't Slingshot These Packs

If you did not reserve or pick up XCOM: Enemy Unknown at launch, you missed out on a few things. Fear not, you can now …

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Is This XCOM's Last Hope?

Attention retro PC  gaming geeks everywhere, the launch trailer for XCOM: Enemy Unknown is here!

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Watch 2KGames Play XCOM: Enemy Unknown

2KGames gave fans of RTS games and XCOM the chance to see new gameplay in action today.

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XCOM: Enemy Unknown Becomes Known October 9th

Get it? Known! As in releases! Haha!

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2K Games Announces XCOM: Enemy Unknown

                            Another XCOM title in development already? Whoa, 2K Games, let’s slow down …

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