The Classic Elite XCOM Soldier Won't Slingshot These Packs

If you did not reserve or pick up XCOM: Enemy Unknown at launch, you missed out on a few things. Fear not, you can now pick them up and more downloadable content will follow.

Firaxis and 2K Games has announced that the downloadable packs for XCOM are now up for grabs for those who waited on purchasing this “one more turn” game.

First up, we have the Elite Solider Pack, which came free to those who reserved XCOM. In this pack, which is priced at $4.99, you get the classic XCOM soldier, updated for this day and age, solider armor kits and complete color customization. So if you want to make your soldiers look a certain way, you might be interested in this pack.

The Slingshot Content Pack has yet to receive a release date but we do know that XCOM will be getting new Council missions, you will meet a Triad operative, battle over China and more customization, along with a new character. This new character will come with their own story as well. Hopefully the release date for this pack will be announced in the near future.

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