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From PS4 to PC Gaming: How I’m Coping So Far

Going from the luxury of consoles to the world of PC gaming.

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E3 2018 Trailers

The Giant Trailers Roundup | E3 2018

We have collected the best game trailers revealed during this year’s E3. Bookmark this post as we will be adding new trailers as soon as …

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Star Wars Titan XP

Embrace the GeForce with Star Wars Themed Titan XP Graphics Cards

NVIDIA has announced a new collectors edition Titan XP graphics cards. The cards are Star Wars themed, the Light Side that glows green and the …

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Evil Shift Controllers Officially on Sale, Just in Time for the Xbox One X

Evil Controllers announced in June their Evil Shift customizable controllers. The controllers are optimized for competitive gamers looking to get an edge up on the …

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Gaming Monitors

What to Look for in Gaming Monitors

Monitors can make or break a gaming setup. It may sound dramatic, but it’s the truth. Having the best PC with the flashiest graphics card …

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AMD Vega Graphic Cards

AMD Vega Signals A Return To High End Gaming Graphics

Back in May AMD teased new graphic cards meant to challenge NVIDIA’s stranglehold on the high-end PC graphics market. The AMD Vega series mirrors NVIDIA’s …

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Xbox One X

Xbox One X’s Comfort In Being Second To PC | E3 2017

Microsoft’s Xbox One X announcement displayed less of a race to compete with PCs and more an attempt to be the best console.

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Steam’s “Greenlight” Burns Out June 13th

Steam Greenlight is no more. All in order to make way for Valve’s new Direct service.

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Humble Month

Humble Bundle Launches Publishing Program

Humble Bundle has always been known for its great deals on PC games and books, but it looks like the distributor is going into game publishing with a new multi-million dollar initiative.

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Blizzard Celebrates Diablo’s 20 Anniversary With A New Patch

Blizzard Entertainment is celebrating Diablo’s 20 anniversary with a new patch. The patch 2.4.3., the Darkening of Tristram, will take players back to the dungeon where Diablo all began.

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Valve Showcases the Steam Top 100 Games from 2016

There are many people who did not like 2016, but when it came to video games, there were many positives that made that year a bit more enjoyable. Chances are those games were a part of the Steam Top 100.

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EVGA’s New Gaming Laptop: The SC17

EVGA has announced it’s new gaming laptop, the SC17, designed with the hardcore gamer in mind.

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A Gamer Lost His Rig to a Fire and Corsair & Blue Microphones Teamed Up to Help

A PC gamer lost most of his gear due to an apartment fire, and the community stepped up to help him out.

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