Humble Bundle Launches Publishing Program

Humble Month

Humble Bundle is primarily known for their digital distribution services. Sticking primarily to video games and digital comics, the platform has been known for various bundles of games and books, all conveniently DRM free. But now the platform wants to expand to helping video games get published.

In an official announcement, this new publishing and funding initiative will help the distribution service move in to the game publishing business with the desire to launch games of all genres across multiple platforms. The company sees this move as a multi-million-dollar investment for games large and small.

When discussing the motives behind this move, Humble Bundle publishing lead John Poison opened up to PC Gamer. “What publishing allows us to do differently is to help developers prior to release. It also helps us guarantee eager gamers will get to play some awesome games, each affixed with the trusted Humble brand of quality we are known for,” he said.

It’s a brand of quality well earned. Humble Bundle has had over ten million customers since its launch in 2010 and its affiliate program, Humble Partners help market lesser known games to new audiences through the familiar services of Twitch and YouTube.

The first seven games to be published under this new branch are all slated for a PC release somewhere between fall of this year to Summer of 2018. This includes titles like Ikenfell, a fantasy RPG about kids attending a magical school and getting into adventures, and a dialogue-centric non-combat RPG that’s a mix of police procedural and urban fantasy called No Truce With The Furies.

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