A Gamer Lost His Rig to a Fire and Corsair & Blue Microphones Teamed Up to Help

The gaming world can be so fragmented at times, which is why we love sharing stories like these. Thanks to Reddit (r/pcmasterrace), Corsair and Blue Microphones stepped up to help a gamer who’d been affected by an apartment fire.

A couple of months ago, Reddit user Shields42 suffered the loss of most of his PC gaming rig due to a fire at his home. For anyone who has ever experienced a house fire, dealing with insurance companies can be incredibly frustrating. Thankfully, the community over at r/pcmasterrace rallied around him and provided some good advice and support to help ensure he was compensated as best as he could be.

While that’s a really nice thing to see, it’s not even the best part of this story.

Corsair and Blue Microphones Step Up

Shields42 received a box in the mail yesterday, and inside was this note:

corsair note

…along with a ton of brand new gear. In total, he received a Corsair MM300 Extended Mouse Pad, a Corsair M65 RGB Mouse, a Corsair Strafe RGB (Cherry MX Silent) keyboard, a Corsair VOID RGB Wireless 7.1, a Blue Yeti microphone, and finally The Pop windscreen by Blue. A couple of t-shirts from both companies was the cherry on top of the sundae for this lucky gamer.

So how did this all come about? We chatted with George Lampard, Marketing Specialist at Corsair Gaming, and he told us that he’d come across this story on Reddit.

“I browse Reddit on a daily basis and have been pretty active in the PCMR subreddit. So when this happened to him, he was just posting saying “Farewell My PC” and he later posted photos of his keyboard and mouse that were fried. So I PMed him, found out the details, the PCMR moderators vouched for him and his story, so reddit was definitely valuable in reaching out, without it, we wouldn’t have known.”

Of course, good deeds such as this one will work wonders for a company’s PR department, and will undoubtedly be met with varying degrees of scepticism. We brought that up with Lampard, who then told us:

“For a company to give stuff away for free, it’s best if there’s some kind of gain from it. That’s no secret. But at Corsair, we look at that as justification to keep doing it. Because in the end, we’re all just people, we want to give, we want to make people smile. Our support team does it all the time, finding whatever justification they need to in order to make a customer happy. When we do something like this, we’re putting company money and time into it, knowing full well that it could go unnoticed. It makes us feel good and hey, we’re just paying it forward.”

Lampard goes on to say that his mentality on “paying it forward” has been largely influenced by the r/pcmasterrace community: “There’s so many instances of charity and kindness on there. So once I got this job sometime last year, I figured I [might] as well do some good with it and give back.”

So the big takeaway from this story is this: Great job, r/pcmasterrace, great job Corsair, and great job Blue Microphones. You are the people who help make gaming great, and here’s hoping you’ve inspired others to continue being excellent to each other in times of need because you’ve sure inspired us.

You can read the full account of this story here, here, and here.


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