EVGA’s New Gaming Laptop: The SC17

EVGA has announced it’s new gaming laptop, the SC17, designed with the hardcore gamer in mind.

The EVGA SC17 is the first gaming laptop that’s been designed completely “in house” by the company. The device will sport an EVGA designed power supply that will deliver 240 watts of energy, but it will not adversely effect the battery life of the machine. It also contains an Intel Core i7 6820HK CPU that can be overclocked to over 3800MHz. The main feature touted by this new laptop is the ability to overclock the CPU, bringing the ability to play games at their full potential on a laptop to life. The 4K 17-inch display won’t hurt either. The official word from EVGA is that the SC17 is the world’s first true overclocking laptop. This laptop has been designed and completely customized by EVGA with PC game performance in mind, but the full GUI BIOS with mouse control will easily allow gamers to further customize almost every aspect of the laptop’s performance.

It’s always been difficult trying to find a laptop that will match a desktop PC’s performance when running high end PC games -and not microwave your processor- and it looks like this laptop has been designed with this hurdle in mind. Many products are usually advertised as gaming machines, but most gamers eschew these products and opt to build a PC from the ground up; it looks like EVGA has taken that attitude to heart. EVGA states that this laptop was built with the gamer in mind. This device presents an interesting solution for people who are interested in pursuing PC gaming, but feel intimidated. There are dozens of online tutorials and websites dedicated to making building a gaming PC as easy and painless as possible. However, the idea of building a computer from the ground up still sounds like a daunting task. If a company like EVGA releases an all-in-one laptop ready for gaming right out of the box, this could introduce a lot of people to PC gaming.

The SC17 will be releasing into the wild in the middle of April while pre-orders are now live for a hefty $2,699.99 price tag. Are you interested in this new gaming laptop?

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